Brake Service at Ross Automotive


At Ross Automotive, we strive to make sure that every part of the vehicle gets quality care. When looking at different aspects of every vehicle, some parts may be forgotten, and other places will overlook the brakes entirely. Ross Automotive will make sure that even the brakes are working exactly how they should be to make your drive a safe one.

Brakes should be replaced when worn out, but how often do brakes need servicing?

Some trucks and cars have rear drum brakes, but most cars on the road today have disc brakes on all four wheels. How disc brakes work: the brake pads are installed on both sides of the brake disc (also known as rotor). When a driver presses the brake pedal, the hydraulic pressure pushes the piston (or pistons) out of the brake caliper. As a result, the two brake pads squeeze the brake disc between them.

For proper performance, the brake pads must be able to slide inside the brake caliper towards and away from the disc. In a brake system with a floating caliper found in most cars, the caliper itself also must be able to move on its bracket (anchor plate). In that design, the caliper moves on two slide pins.

Brakes endure a lot of heat and dust when braking, as well as moisture when driving in the rain. As a result, the rust buildup may cause the brake pads to stick within the bracket or the brake caliper slide pins to seize up. This problem is very common in the Rust Belt.
In addition to our most commonly performed brake services, we also provide these services needed for the best stopping power:

  • Brake Fluid exchange — removes air and brake fluid contaminantsReplacement and installation brake hardware, rotors, wheel bearings, calipers, brake hoses, drums and master cylinders
  • Resurfacing of drums and rotors
  • Cleaning and adjusting drum brakes and parking brakes
  • Repacking wheel bearings — necessary for keeping bearings lubricated
  • Anti-lock Braking System Diagnostics and Repair
  • Your safety and happiness are our utmost priority, and when it comes to squeaky brakes or brakes that stick, you can trust that we will take care of them the right way.